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WE HAVE REASONS By Pst. Olufo O. Olufo

This Worship House

At the end of every year it has become the norms and culture of Christians and other faith alike to gather and give thanks to God for several reasons. For some it’s for provisions, protection, guidance – generally for His blessings upon them.

For us in THIS WORSHIP HOUSE, our case is liken to the story of a young boy who went out to play hide and seek game with his friends in an incomplete two story building which he is not familiar with the route. It got to a point that all his friends left him alone on the last floor not knowing how to find his way down and home. In his desperate search for a way out, missed his step closed to an uncovered exit and fell from the second floor to the ground; while falling a neighbor saw him falling and ran to the mother crying and when the whole neighborhood came running towards him shouting and crying, they saw him standing on the ground unhurt and the mother asked him what happened, he said “He carried me up and kept me on the ground” – who was that the mother asked? he said one man that I don’t know. But in our case, we know the man that carried us from the last 16 months of the existence of our ministry till now – His name is Jesus Christ.

website maintenance and social media management

Our substance or reason is not based on cars that goes out of fashion nor house that lose value with time but based on the followings:
(1) We do not belong to PDP, APC, Democratic nor Republican Party in America not even the economic team of Nigeria but we belongs to GOD and for that we are overcomers and the greater one lives in us – Glory be to God. (1 John 4:4)

(2) He delivered us from this present evil age! Wow! What a great thing to know. When you talk about evil, we are always one sided with the thought of what people might do to us. For use its on the fact that, some of us in the ministry came close to making certain decision that could have ended our marriages, jobs, contracts, connections and so many but His deliverance prevented us even in the face of heavy anger and temptations from taking actions based on temporary gains- all thanks to God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Gal. 1:3-4)

(3) His love for us has no end and is it not so awesome to know that nothing can separate from that love? – glory. (Rom. 8:37-39)

Beloved, if you are thanking God for house, new car, latest iPhone, latest bags or fat bank accounts then what will happen when after six month another version of your phone or car is in town? Am not saying is bad to thank for your possessions – no no. But thank Him for things that will never fade nor go out of fashion beloved. Thank Him for we are now in the Kingdom of his His son Jesus (Col. 1:12-13)

Please join us this Sunday 18th December, 2016 @ THIS WORSHIP HOUSE, Multipurpose Hall, KaruCourt Estate close the Police Station Abacha Road, Mararaba by 9:00am with Rev. OT JACOBS all the way from God’s own state Abia ministering live.

website maintenance and social media management

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