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Top 6 most controversial politicians in Nigeria In 2016


Nigeria is a highly charged place politically speaking and there are many who are key players in the game.

With great rivalry between the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), below are 6 major figures who often get into the eye of the political storm.

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1. Ayodele Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose needs no introduction, the Ekiti state governor has been at the fore, challenging the ills he believes abound in the Buhari led-administration. In some quarters he is seen as the last voices of the masses and the true voice of the opposition.

Beyond controversial rants and claims, Governor Fayose has a thing for making public show. So sometimes you could catch the governor riding a motorbike, or buying from petty traders on the road.

Current he is one of those calling for the restructuring of Nigeria, claiming that if the nation is not restructured, then true federalism will not be feasible; and if true federalism is not practiced, then the one Nigeria mantra would be a waste.

In the latest turn of events, Governor Fayose has said that he is set to build a new governor’s office and high court, both at an estimate of N1,9billion. This proposed move has stirred a lot of debates, especially because it is coming at a time when the nation is trying to survive its economic crisis.

2. Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

Former aviation minister and ex-spokesperson to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Fani-Kayode is a man who is acquainted with altercation.

He was recently arrested for an alleged role in some financial misappropriation, but that does not in anyway define the man himself. A scholar in his own right, FFK understands what words can really do in a politically charged nation like Nigeria.

Fani-Kayode has continued to be a bane in the neck of the APC-led government, playing devils advocate in some situations, stirring debates and arguments and at other times, constructively criticizing the current government.

The ex-minister’s case is so peculiar in the sense that sometimes he does not care which way the hammer swings, he will call out anyone regarding not whose ox is gored.

Just recently the ex-spokesman to GEJ took sides with Biafrans, stressing how the people have for too long been oppressed.

3. Lai Mohammed

Dubbed “Liar Liar Mohammed”, this spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari has been the one taking the hit for all missives fired at the APC-led administration.

Having sworn that no aspersion would mare the administration, Lai Mohammed will go any length in his bid to see that every wrong impression about the Buhari-led government is corrected, hence, making certain statements which some Nigerians have believe are just well coined lies to win the people over.

President Buhari in a recent interview is quoted to have said that he does not envy Lai Mohammed at all, in that his task is one that keeps him constantly in the eye of the storm.

It was Lai Mohammed who came up with the mantra “technically defeated”, a description which he used to explain the level of progress of the arm in the war against Boko Haram.

4. Senator Dino Melaye

For a parliamentarian, Dino Melaye has a totally controversial personality. First he loves very fast and fancy cars and motorbikes, and loves to flaunt them in everybody’s face.

Senator Dino Melaye has been in the eye of different storms, from political issues to domestic issues and the list goes on. Only recently, he stirred an uproar in the Senate, allegedly threatening the wife of ex-governor of Lagos state, Senator Oluremi Tinubu.

Dino Melaye did not stop there, he made a trip to Lagos to prove that he fears nothing, following threats that he would be dealt with if he comes into Lagos.

There have been several cases of Dino Melaye’s outburst and rage in the Senate; there have even been photo evidences to back certain claims.

Very outspoken, Dino Melaye is not just anyone that could be shut down at anytime and he is ever willing to lock horns with whoever deems himself worthy of a bout.

5. Governor Rochas Okorocha

He first caught the eye of many with his shoki dance, and from then on, the Imo state governor has remained in the news for different things, many of which tends towards the arguable.

Only recently, there were claims that he was slapped by a ghost in the statehouse there in Owerri. There were also claims that he was killed and so many other rumors have seen him coming often to defend himself, and set the records straight.

His being a loyalist to President Muhammadu Buhari also puts him on the spotlight, in that he comes from the southeast where there tends to be a PDP majority, thus, sometimes he is been looked at as a saboteur to some of his kinsmen.

6. Rotimi Amaechi

Ex-governor of Rivers state, and minister for transport, Rotimi Amaechi has been described as a strongman in Nigerian politics. He was a frontline soldier in the APC’s campaign to unseat the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Political analysts say the APC owes Amaechi a great deal of gratitude for the works he did within the last presidential election which saw President Buhari come into power.

Amaechi has not stopped the work he has been doing for the APC, it would be recalled that he has continued to pull his weight with regards to politics in Rivers state.

For some, Amaechi do not deserve to be given his ministerial role, however, they claim it is his compensation. His detractors say he is a corrupt politician and incites violence, but he has constantly told them to come out with valid evidence.

Hon Amaechi is not known for too many words, however, he is ever ready with words to defend himself at every given point, an asset which many on this list possess.

Nigeria’s political field is charged and there are some who call the shots in the game. However, beyond charisma and fluency, Nigeria needs honest politicians who are willing to serve selflessly, those whose actions are not channeled for their purses alone.

It is wonderful to have very energetic and charismatic people in the political sphere, however, all that charisma will count for nothing if Nigerians do  not get qualitative representation. The masses in the end are those that matter the most, and our politicians must tailor their conducts, skills and knowledge to the service of the people.

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