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The Only Way Out For MMM Nigeria


I can categorically tell you that the panic by mmm members is now widespread. You need to see what’s happening on Twitter and what mmm members are all saying. I won’t blame them bcus even me that have never been shaken is beginning to have a second thought about the scheme’ survival, and already kicked off my plan B. Truth be told, the mmm ideology is a very good one but a lot of mistakes was done which should be corrected immediately for the scheme to stand a chance. I don’t even know if the suggestions of guilders are even considered for implementation on the system. If it is, then please relate these suggestions at your next meeting.

1. All participants with confirmed mavro to GH should be made to PH 50% of their confirmed mavro, then the PH should be matched quickly to start paying others. Once PH is paid and confirmed, the participant can immediately GH old mavro while waiting for the new mavro to be matured for GH as well.

website maintenance and social media management

2. If the suggestion above does not work for those with huge funds in the system for instance people with 1m and above who can’t afford to PH 50% which will be another 500k, then those people can PH any amount and be allowed to GH 200% of the PHed amount from their old mavro. For instance, if you have 1m in the system already, clearly it Wil be too risky to tell someone to PH 500k again to get back the previous 1m. In this case, you PH any amount of your choice. So if you PH 100k for instance, once paid and confirmed, the member can GH 200k from the old mavro, while the new mavro is locked for a month. With this, money will be back to the system and in two months, you can get back your old mavris and even start GHing your new mavro.

3. Recommitement should be enforced on the new mavro to keep people coming back to the system.

4. The idea of crediting mavros on Tuesdays and Thursdays should be scrapped and instead mavro should grow at the rate of 1% daily for 30days after which, mavro stops growing. This will reduce the Tuesdays and Thursdays pressure.

5. Many people are calling for the total disbandment of guilders, well, I don’t really know exactly how much guilders earn, I believe every platforms need leaders but their bonuses should be reduced and they should be made to re PH 50% anything they GH.

If these simple measures are put in place, the system will gradually get back on its feet in a short time and people’s trust will be regained again in the system, and everything will normalise again.

Truth be told, the freezing in December was not really necessary after seeing the outcome of the unfreezing. People would have just be made to GH only a percentage of their money instead of the outright freezing.

Let’s not be decieved with “there are still pending PH to be matched” most of the account with those PH don’t have mavro to GH in them, and as such may decline to make payment once matched and they have nothing to lose.

For those shouting for their money, most people are not willing to pay due to the fear of the unknown, but if the above measures are put in place, people will pay and the system will come back to life again.

If mmm does not act urgently, then I fear that the system will die a natural death caused only by their December freezing decision.

That is my humble submission.

website maintenance and social media management

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