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List of states that will get Buhari’s N375m for feeding pupils

buhari-speechPresident Muhammadu Buhari

There are lots of hungry children in the country; the sufferings of Nigerians have reached the administration and there are several plans set up to alienate the sufferings and improve the standard of living.

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A table representing the states that will benefit from the N375m allocated for feeding primary school pupils.

On this note, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has released more than N375 million to feed primary school pupils in five states. This is no doubt a good move as the pupils will be able to concentrate and focus on their education when they eat well.

The primary school pupils that will be fed for 10 school days are 677,476 in all. Thousands of cooks have been employed for this purpose as they would be in charge of the food prepared for the children.

Not only is this an insightful move, it would also help thousands of homes as the parents will be relieved during this period. Laolu Akande, the senior special assistant on media and publicity to the acting president, disclosed that the fund was given out to the following states:

1. Anambra

2. Osun

3. Oyo

4. Ebonyi

5. Ogun

The cooks that will be in charge of the food are 7,909. The sum of N375,434,870 was shared within the states. Anambra state got N67.5m with 937 cooks paid to feed 96,489 pupils. Osun state got N867,370 with 2,688 cooks paid to feed 142,193 primary school pupils.

Oyo state got N72.2m which was paid to 1437 cooks that will feed 103,269 pupils. Ebonyi state was allocated N115,218,600 from which 1,466 cooks were paid to feed 164,598 pupils. Lastly, Ogun state got N119,648,900 paid to 1,381 cooks in order to feed 170,927 pupils.

Laolu Akande added that the set sum would go up as soon as Zamfara and Enugu states are added to the list of schools. The two states would be paid N188.7m and N67.2m respectively.

According to him, the plan is to pay 2,738 cooks for 269,655 pupils in Zamfara while 1,1128 cooks will be paid to feed 96,064 pupils in Enugu. This means that over N631m would be used in feeding school children in 7 states in the year 2017. The aim is to feed one million primary school pupils even though the number of pupils would have gone beyond that.


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