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Fresh and bright features of Facebook in 2017


Do you know somebody, who is not registered in More than one milliard people have registered in this social network, which has annual multibillion-dollar revenues.

Facebook managers promised to present new features of the social network in 2017, let’s view them closely.

website maintenance and social media management

Facebook is a marketing project, and one of the main goals is not only to attract more people, especially younger users but also to hold the status of the most popular product. Facebook is the brand, which has been on the market for 13 years already. What do you know about this social network?

Actually, it is not only the tool for reminding you the birthdays of your friends, to post your new photos or to look through your friends’ new photos. features expected in 2017

It became a tradition and a habit for many to share something interesting on Facebook, actually, this is beneficial for the owners of the network. To be interesting to the spoiled by the variety possibilities, managers of the network decided to make a refreshment. In 2017, Facebook is providing more ways for sharing the events and interesting news from over the world.

Share a Card

Among the new tools is “Share a Card”, users are able to see on their News Feeds posts (as shown in the picture) and is able to share one of the given graphics to themselves or to as many friends as they want. features expected in 2017

Leaders of the Facebook created a special team for creating these cards and other fresh features and called it Goodwill team, it includes marketing experts, commodity managers, artistic directors, cut paper artists, content strategists, and copywriters.

They assure that they gave all their hearts creating the cards, constructed them, cut them, created ink drawings, designed them in order to make you and your friends happy and keep the interest. Goodwill team compares their cards with a gift, a handcrafted gift transformed into electronic for all users. features expected in 2017

Colorful “What is on your mind?”

Another fresh feature is the ability to choose the color of your status on Facebook. You just need to type as usually your status and pick up from the list of colors the one you like more. The background will have the selected color.

Edit Video

The numerous Goodwill team, created in 2015 to brighten the process and to amuse the users by brand new features. Thanks to this team, in Facebook you have the ability to edit videos. You can draw whatever you want, add stickers, drawings, funny faces, change the color while making a video. You have an ability to decide whether to share the video or not.

It is good that Facebook has created such team and aims for the sky, there is always something that should be improved and overloaded. The main idea is to feel, what a consumer of the service needs, is a new feature of current interest or not. Hope to see more new features of Facebook in 2017.

website maintenance and social media management

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