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BEWARE! If your pastor does these 8 things, he is eating your tithes and offerings


Most pastors no longer see the church of God as a sacred place anymore, but they tend to take advantage of the innocent congregation as a means of survival.

The porosity of the church is like the parable of Jesus Christ on the wheat and the tares. These churches are so many that it takes the grace of God to differentiate which is Godly or manly.

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Tithing and offerings in some churches has now become a means of extorting the congregation, here are 8 ways you will know that your pastor is after your money and not your soul.

1. Threaten you to pay tithes and offerings


Once your pastor threatens brimstone and fire against those that refuse to pay in his sermon or teachings, it is a sign for you to know that he is after your money and not the salvation of your soul.

God himself is love and there should not be fear in serving or giving. Giving is not by force.

2. Imposes tithes and offerings on his congregation

Always remember that your service to God, either with your money should not be a mandate.

The pureness of Abraham’s heart naturally led to his godly decision to honour the Lord with his possessions and with the first-fruits of the increase in his resources.

3. When the book of Malachi becomes your pastor’s favourite scripture

If truly God loves us when we are yet sinners, then the primary duty of your pastor should be on your repentance and salvation.

The church should be a clinic for believers and not a place of business for pastors. If you attend a church and all you hear often is pay your tithes and offering to the house of God, then it is time for you to move. God is interested in your heart not your money.

4. When you give your offering grudgingly

If you are giving to God then it has to be with a cheerful heart but once you grumble or murmur to give your offering or tithe, just know that it is for your pastor because you are giving under his influence.

Decide for yourself between you and God. It is no business of your pastor. You give because you love God and not because you love your pastors.

5. When he puts fears in the minds of his subjects

When all your pastor could read out to you in his sermon is the curses and storm that will befall all those who do not pay their tithes. This simply means that he is the one that want your money and not God.

Instilling fear in the heart of the people to give could not even be traced to Jesus Christ teachings while on earth.

6. Emphasize on giving to the pastor and his family

Giving to the pastor and his family should not be a topic preached by pastors on the pulpit. If your pastor’s sermon is basically on giving your offering towards his welfare and that of his family, it shows that he is only interested in eating your tithes and offering for his personal use.

7. Complains about the denomination members give as offering

Your pastor on no occasion should complain on what people give to church, not even as a joke. Either in his sermon or teachings should he make reference to the denominations members drop as offering or tithe.

If you notice this behaviour in your pastor then it is time you leave because he is seeing the church as a place to maximize profit.

8. Emphatically says your tithe and offering should be at your local church

There is no reference in the Bible that says that tithes and offering should be paid to your pastors, so on no account should a pastor tell his congregation to always give their tithes and offering in their local church.

Once you attend a God believing church, you are free to drop your tithes and offerings there.

website maintenance and social media management

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