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2face’s luxurious house and cars


What do you know about 2face house and cars? What is 2face net worth? 2face house in Banana island – why do Nigerian people call this place exactly in such a way? The answers to the aforementioned questions you will find in the article.

2face is considered to be popular singer, producer, creator of songs, business owner. Speaking about his stage name, it can be said that he managed to use a set of different names, such as – Tuface Idibia, 2baba, Tu-baba, In addition to his extreme popularity, he is also believed to be quite rich and well-to-do. His deeds didn’t remain unnoticed – he managed to win a great number of awards, for instance, MTV Awards or World Music Awards.

website maintenance and social media management

As for Tuface house and cars, it can be said that he can boast his mansion house located in Lagos. In addition to this, there is some information that he became an owner of two luxurious mansions in Lagos. These acquired mansions were given to him by one of the most famous Nigerian estate developer The Haven homes. The company provides houses with fully automated system of light switches, central audio and alarm systems.

2face house and cars

All his houses are located in the most fashionable regions of Nigeria, in particular, in Lekki, Banana Island, Magodo. All of them are equipped according to the latest fashion novelties.

Speaking about 2Face cars, it can be said that one from his collection he received as a wedding gift from the President of Nigerian Senate. The gift – Chevrolet Corvette Coupe was extremely amazing. Its price varies from $70,000 and $110,000.

2face house and cars

2face house in Banana Island

Banana island is considered to be artificial island near Lagos region, it has such a name due to its long curved shape. It’s a place of residence of a great number of Nigeria celebrities, as aforementioned company Haven homes takes this place as a venue for architectural masterpieces.

2Face is a very respected and one of the richest solo-artiste in the whole Nigeria. 2Face net worth accounts to 22.5 million dollars.

2face house and cars

Now it is clear that 2Face house and cars assure us that he is really so affluent. Not every singer can afford to buy such mansions striking our imagination and technological progress which doesn’t stay calm due to its constant development.

website maintenance and social media management

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