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16 people who think Osinbajo is a better president than Buhari


It has been 43 days since President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for a 10-day vacation in London.

His absence has been trailed with so much controversy with the presidency trying to assure Nigerians that all is well with the president.

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Buhari has since extended his leave and Nigerians have no idea when he will be coming back.

Before he left, Buhari handed over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and he has been doing a good job as Acting President.

He has been earning accolades from Nigerians who have said he performing better than his boss.

Here are people who think Osinbajo has done well.

1. The wailing wailers want Osinbajo to be president.

Osinbajo should be the President while Buhari should be Spare Tire, which in most cases not useful.

2. Reno Omokri says Osinbajo makes the difference.

Naira is appreciating but oil price hasn’t increased. The difference is the PERSON in power. Leadership matters. Osinbajo is the difference!

3. PDP youths are of the opinion that things have been better since Buhari travelled.

The tide suddenly changed when @MBuhari travelled out for health vacation.Nigerians are convinced andhis version of the APC are the problems

4. Buhari should resign if possible

@MBuhari don’t come back here oo if its possible sef resigned let osinbajo take over

5. Buhari should extend his leave to 2018.

Nigeria has been better since Osinbajo took over.
I think Buhari should take even more time out. He can come back in 2018.

6. Osinbajo should take over.

Osinbajo has travelled to more more parts of Nigeria in 5 weeks than Buhari did in almost 2 years

@UgoTalksAlot buhari should just take the appointment as Nigeria ambassador to UK, and Osinbajo takes over as the president.

7. Osinbajo is better.

Osinbajo is better than buhari.. Buhari should resign let osinbajo take over..

8. Buhari’s wife can become vice while Osinbajo takes over as president.

The situation in Nigeria now requires prompt and responsive leadership. Osinbajo could take over as President while PMB’s wife become vice

9. Stress might be taking a toll on Buhari.

“Running series of tests” says it all. I wish him soonest recovery. @julietkego @femiTRIPP 

@Clemsakin71 Amen! He should resign and let VP Osinbajo take over. This stress must be taking a toll on PMB psychologically too @femiTRIPP

10. The system is working.

Buhari is intentionally killing businesses in Nigeria

Two weeks of Osinbajo, the system is working

Thank you God for opening our eyes

11. Osinbajo is working.

I’m beginning to think if Osinbaba was to be the president would things have been better..? Osinbajo is working oo

12. Osinbajo is a better president.

Thinking that Osinbajo is a better President. His recent foreign exchange policy will make Nigeria better

13. He will do better than his boss.

Honestly this Osinbade, sorry, Osinbajo will make a good and better president than bubu, just my feeling

14. This is why he had his own personal poster.

Going by people’s perception, Osinbajo is performing better than Buhari. Now you see why he had his own personal campaign posters?

15. Buhari should become EFCC chairman.

When our president comes back he should become EFCC chairman and osinbajo as president. I think dats his discipline @RC1023FM

16. Buhari should step aside.

Veep Osinbajo doing a great job as Acting President, by all accounts. It would be no bad thing if Buhari stepped aside to fully convalesce

Is Osinbajo better than Buhari? Listen to what Nigerians have to say below.

website maintenance and social media management

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